The Way in Divine Metaphysics : J.D.Tarran

The Way In Divine Metaphysics

The Way in Divine Metaphysics : J.D.Tarran

The Way in Divine Metaphysics : J.D.TarranThe Way in Divine Metaphysics

In many religions, philosophies, and disciplines of spiritual growth, a way is a path, a discipline, and a code of conduct.

The goal of metaphysics is to understand and describe the way things are in universal terms.

In his comprehensive study of worldwide metaphysics, author J. D. Tarran introduces the world’s most significant traditions and religious and metaphysical philosophies in order to help others understand how the crucial insights of science and the profoundness of religion have affected history.

Tarran relies on his extensive studies of religion and metaphysics as he carefully examines the spiritual influences that have shaped nations and influenced the past.

Through his study of different cultures and languages, Tarran shares a comprehensive look at several cultures and traditions, including the ancient Chinese language and its perception that we exist in unity with nature; shamanic rituals that partner with the spiritual realm to heal disease, madness, and social issues; and the four noble truths of the Brahmin.

Is there only one truth and one way?

The enlightening reflections and perspectives shared in The Way in Divine Metaphysics encourage a greater and more universal awareness of the possibilities that accompany free thinking.

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