Greek Accidents : Darrell Reeves

Greek Accidents : Darrell Reeves

Greek Accidents : Darrell ReevesA scintillating, suspense-filled and soul-searching sci-fi novella that features two students, one rock and limitless powers.

Two students touch a rock, which, unknown to them, as the ability to bestow and unlock unlimited power. The boy, Brock, has a chance to be relevant to his parents for the first time. The girl discovers the ability to walk after being in a wheelchair her whole life. Using these abilities cost them nothing, they discover, except a trail of death in their wake.

Discover what happens when you take two kids from a broken home and give them limitless powers. The question is what will they do and are there others out there.

Worldlies by Darrell Reeves is also on Whizbuzz Books.




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