Disorder : Johan Fundin

Disorder : Johan Fundin

Disorder : Johan FundinJohan Fundin’s Disorder is full-tilt suspense entertainment jam-packed with explosive thrills. Perfect for fans of John Saul, Dean Koontz and Robin Cook.

The target of both stalkers and killers, a top fashion model with a rare disease sets out to learn how her pioneering scientist father died, only to find herself in the middle of a vicious conspiracy.

Cat is a hot multimillionaire supermodel but her life is far from perfect. She suffers from a chronic brain disorder and she is being stalked by a figure in a raincoat. Who is he … or it? In connection with the bizarre death of the founder of a groundbreaking biotechnology institute, Cat is pulled into a sinister corporate plot with a global backwash.

A dazzling novel by the author of Schizoid.

“Psychological suspense and thriller readers are in for a treat.”—Midwest Book Review

“Fascinating … Thriller lovers will be intrigued by the concept … Disorder starts with a bang and culminates in a mind-bending finale.”—San Francisco Book Review

“Outstanding in its many connections and genre-busting approach … Packed with twists and turns … Medical thriller tension ala Robin Cook.”—Midwest Book Review

“A fast-paced, suspenseful read that brings up questions of reality and perception. The author’s idea to explore this through a medical lens is an interesting twist.”—The US Review of Books

“Creative and enjoyable … Very interesting and clever … The ending is very satisfying.”—Manhattan Book Review

“A pleasure to read … A brilliant techno-thriller, full of suspense, with rich and detailed characters … With this book, Johan Fundin has established himself as a definite talent to watch in the thriller genre.”—OnlineBookClub.org, Official Review

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