Prospector’s Run : Kevin W. Bates


Prospector’s Run : Kevin W. Bates

Prospector's Run : Kevin W. BatesEven after five thousand years, riches can be found among the First Stellar Civilization’s dead, shattered worlds—with luck and the right coordinates—Holtz Mitsumi has neither. But as he watches hope and his last credit disappear on a failed voyage prospecting for lost First Civ tech, Mitsumi stumbles on a mysterious artifact in the wastes of an abandoned alien city.

Compelled to find the artifact’s origin, but struggling to finance the expedition, Holtz meets the enigmatic Aber Chandra who persuades him to make another prospecting run. After scraping together a ragtag crew, they embark with high hopes.

But nothing is at it seems and this run may be the end of Mitsumi and his crew.

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