Dakota and the American Dream : Sameer GarachWhat happens when a child comes face-to-face with Corporate America?

Ten-year-old Dakota dreams about seeing the city from above, atop a skyscraper. An unsuspecting job candidate, the boy lands a position at a company within the building, but his journey is anything but a simple elevator ride to the top.

As he treads the path to success, he comes across many themes that are characteristic of America and its corporate culture:

1. The rat race, office romance, and a golf tournament, among other workplace situations;
2. Difficult workplace personalities, confusing American regional dialects, and cutthroat management;
3. And worst of all, the dreaded performance review.

Will Dakota realize his dream? Or will he wake up from a nightmare?

The Bull Option by Sameer Garach is also on Whizbuzz Books.

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Dakota and the American Dream : Sameer Garach

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