Influence : Chris Parker


Influence kills…Influence is the greatest force on earth. Influence equals power, the power to affect people and events. The most powerful people alive have the greatest influence. And they can use it for good or bad.

Marcus Kline is the world’s leading authority on communication and influence. He can tell what you are thinking. He can see inside you.

He can step inside your mind.

In global demand as a consultant, Marcus Kline shares his expertise with world leaders, corporate giants and global media stars. Confident, self- assured and controlling, Marcus revels in his unparalleled skill.

Yet when a series of murder victims bear the horrific hallmarks of an intelligent and remorseless serial killer, Detective Inspector Peter Jones turns to Marcus for help – and everything changes.

As the killer sets a deadly pace, the invisible, irresistible and terrifying power of influence threatens friendships, reputations, and lives. When events appear to implicate the great Marcus Kline himself, everyone learns that the worst pain isn’t physical…

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Influence : Chris Parker

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