Castor Starlight : Laara C Oakes

Castor Starlight : Laara C Oakes

Castor Starlight : Laara C OakesRace To Polaris

Rogue drones, six-eyed aliens, and getting chased across galaxies aren’t your normal daily routine. But to thirteen-year-old Starseed Castor Starlight, it’s business as usual when he’s hired for yet another dangerous mission.

With the fate of planet Eastland hanging in the balance, Castor and his space dragon Reggie race from the Andromeda Galaxy to the Milky Way in their Shapeshifting Supercomputer Starship to catch an elusive thief who holds the key to solving a mysterious crime.

Will the trio survive their heroic adventure and uncover the mastermind behind this treacherous plot in time to save the planet?




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