Captain’s Log: A Cosmic Cab : T. P. Epting

Captain’s Log: A Cosmic Cab : T. P. Epting

Captain's Log: A Cosmic Cab : T. P. EptingCaptain’s Log: A Cosmic Cab

When the planet Tavansor is erased from space and time in a surprise attack, a five year old boy manages to escape from the surface with a broken piece of alien technology, becoming the sole survivor of a cosmic war.

Although he ends up getting adopted on Earth, he is compelled to break free from his terrestrial boundaries to discover worlds and life forms undreamt of, and so he combines his derelict “dimension drive” with an equally rickety taxi cab to begin his expedition to the stars, and beyond.

Inspired by human science fiction stories, he dons the name “Captain” and sets off to make his mark upon the wild, inter-dimensional expanse of the Universe, where he encounters strange and exotic beings of all kinds, from flying brains in jars to titanic space gods to sentient lightning; meets new friends and allies, declaring them a part of his Crew; and confronts vicious enemies hell-bent on subjugating and destroying entire civilizations, learning to reconcile his Tavansor inclinations with Earth values all the while.

And on the horizon a storm gathers, a coming terror known only as the Reckoning, which the Captain purposes himself to defeat, if that is indeed possible.

A Cosmic Cab is all about the journey of a dual-brained, plasma-blooded youth into unbelievable landscapes, life-threatening situations, and ultimately into adulthood. It collides the optimism and adventurous spirit of works like Doctor Who and Star Trek with the uncanny, mind-blasting grandeur of Lovecraft, resulting in a unique adventure that is an homage to pulp sci-fi, and the beginning of a series of outlandish daring-dos and intriguing mysteries, inching ever closer to a grand confrontation wherein the fate of all existence hangs in the balance.

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