Captain Black True Stories of a Small Town Cop : Edward BlackCaptain Black True Stories of a Small Town Cop

As a cop in the small town of Kaufman, Texas for over 20 years, Captain Black has seen his share of the sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, side of every day life.

In his book “Captain Black- True Stories of a Small Town Cop” he takes you along with him as he deals with everything from an angry elderly woman with a sledgehammer and a dead mouse, to the hunt for a cold-blooded assassin who gunned down Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse on the courthouse square, and the desperate attempt to find the killer after he struck again, viciously murdering the District Attorney Mike McClelland, and his wife Cynthia, inside their Forney, Texas home.

If you think that small town cops only write tickets and drink coffee, you will definitely change your outlook after reading this book!

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Captain Black : Edward Black

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