Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood : William B. TaylorBloodlines: Of Noble Blood

Newlyweds Alex and Maggie travel to England on a combined honeymoon and business trip.

Alex’s team has uncovered a DNA match involving one of England’s great noble families and he has decided to inform those involved personally. At stake is a noble title and a vast family fortune…a fortune that the family will not hand over without a fight – to the death if necessary!

Along the way, Maggie’s rediscovered psychic abilities put her in touch with a benevolent child ghost who helps guide and protect her and Alex.

“Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood” is a story about wealth, power and MURDER! A fast paced mystery that will keep the reader guessing until the very end. Full of twists and surprises, “Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood” is an engaging and entertaining story and an excellent follow-up to Bloodines: Cove Point Manor.

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Bloodlines: Of Noble Blood : William B. Taylor

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