The FrenchmanThe Frenchman

Robbery, escape, rendezvous, pursuit and romance all season “The Frenchman ” as Jean LaChance, running from his criminal past, finds solace in the isolation of the bleak California desert. There, in search of the money he and his unscrupulous partner have stolen, LaChance instead finds Lilly Parsons and her children.

Over four days they forge a sense of belonging for the first time in their lives, loneliness and despair begin to melt away. This bond of trust is seemingly broken when Lilly flees with the children, unaware that the money is in the trunk of her car. Now LaChance is in determined pursuit of the woman and children he has grown to love, but he is unconvinced of their motive for leaving, taking the money and sending the cops. What will he do when he finds them?

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One thought on “B.B. Boudreau : The Frenchman

  • 04/11/2013 at 2:20 am

    This is so exciting! Just clicked into Whizbuzz and my book came right up front! Thank you so much. Please enjoy the ride, it’s a fun story.

    Josiah Morgan of The Review Hutch says:

    From the beginning of this fantastic novel through to the end, it holds you on the edge of your seat, not letting go…. for anything.
    The characters… are perfect. We love and hate the main character at the same time – almost reminiscent of the film The Prestige, in which our opinion of the characters are always changing.

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