The Priest’s Wife : PJ Connolly

The Priest's Wife

The Priest’s Wife : PJ Connolly

The Priest's Wife : PJ ConnollyThe Priest’s Wife

One man, two women, a child.  How did a young nun come to find herself caught up in such an unconventional arrangement?

There are strange goings on in the Wicklow hills where the former Sister Susan is married to the man who was once her priestly confessor. The Priest’s Wife is the story of a marriage. But this is no ordinary marriage.  All chance of a peaceful existence went out the door with the arrival of a young French artist to whom she offers shelter but who rewards her kindness by making unprecedented demands on the marriage, demands which face Susan, the narrator of this story, with an extraordinary dilemma.

Tragedy and treachery are the twin demons which conspire to wreck the quiet life Susan had hoped for when they went to live in the Irish countryside outside Dublin.

Believing herself to be pursued by a vengeful God she ends by making a proposal the sheer audacity of which may well shock some readers. In doing so she throws herself at the feet of the mystic mountain which lies across the valley and holds within his bosom a secret which is known to only a very few.

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