Wonderment : Nigel Hey

A Love Affair With Adventure, Writing, Travel, Philosophy, and Family Life

Wonderment : Nigel Hey

Wonderment : Nigel HeyWonderment: A Love Affair With Adventure, Writing, Travel, Philosophy, and Family Life

Wonderment is a memoir designed to intrigue, invoke smiles, and perhaps bring more brightness to readers’ lives. Some readers have called it inspiring. Reviewers give it a unanimous thumbs-up.

This book is a fast-moving blend of thought and action, from author Nigel Hey’s childhood nightmares to the suspense of a brush with death in the neurology unit of a London hospital, to adventures among the Indians of the American Southwest. Amazon greeted Wonderment with a royal flush of five-star reviews and it was nominated for the biography prize in a 2013 regional book contest. Press clippings accumulated from around the United States and United Kingdom.

Wonderment became a different kind of story because Nigel Hey had a different kind of life, in which he has found contentment, excitement and joy while being called upon to meet and overcome an assortment of unusual challenges. Sometimes it is funny or mildly quirky; sometimes it is thoughtful: it is after all the life history of a writer born to travel and invested with a love of adventure, people, new experiences, and the mystery of who we are and why. One reviewer remarked that it is laced “with the humor, romance, family lore and drama that anchors a life well lived.”

As a child Nigel Hey had come face to face with mortality. As he matured, a personal sense of spirituality took form, gently, almost without his knowing it. In the final stages of writing Wonderment he discovered how precious it had been in times of adversity. No matter how distressed he had been by the difficulties of life, he had found solace in the all-encompassing greatess that is the divine scheme of all things. He realized he needed to share his story with his children. He also wanted to share it with the world.

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