Wynter’s Horizon : Dee C. May

Wynter's Horizon

Wynter’s Horizon College senior, Wynter Murello, has a secret. One so devastating, she can’t even share it with her closest friends. The weight of it drags her down as she tries to forget. And slowly, she begins to come undone. Making mistake after mistake, she finally hits rock bottom when the only other person who knows the truth catches her in his trap. As Wynter spirals down, fate throws her a rope. She meets the mysterious Reginald Beck: handsome, kind, chivalrous, and just a bit mysterious. While something about him and the world he comes from scares her, their connection is undeniable. He seems to be the only person who understands how to mend her broken pieces. Beck feels it

Goodbye Junie Moon : June Collins

Goodbye Junie Moon

Goodbye Junie Moon This memoir has been described as ‘wild and riveting’. It is not the usual family history type memoir but a page turner of corruption, sex and adventure. The story alternates between the innocent, growing up years of the author in Australia and the harrowing years during the Vietnam War. For three and a half years she remained in Vietnam at the height of the war. Initially, she entertained the troops herself, first as a magicians assistant then as a solo dancer. Eventually she hired Philippine entertainment groups and scheduled them into the camps. There was plenty of romance and adventure until corruption and heartbreak over the deaths of so many young men finally stopped the music. Junie Moon

Six Days : Kelli Owen

Six Days

Six Days Jenny Schultz wakes trapped in a pitch-black basement with no recollection of how she got there. With no outside stimuli, Jenny naturally turns inward and revisits her guilt-ridden past, desperate to figure out which wronged person would be angry enough, evil enough, to do this to her. She must survive her own demons, and then time itself when she finds remnants of previous captives—a plate, a tooth, a bone. Scratched hashmarks in the stone walls around her, leave her to wonder what happens next. What happens after six days?         Book Links Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page On Amazon    

Police Don’t Move! : N. E. Wood

Police Don't Move!

Police Don’t Move! Ride along in the patrol car as we see hear and feel the reality of life on the streets as a police officer on the Gold Coast – Australia’s glitter strip. Meet the mad, the bad … and the sad, in all their glory. Be amazed at the rat like cunning, the guile – and of course the abject stupidity of offenders as they cross this talented author’s path. Book Links Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

The History of Ours, Book I: The Guardians : Natalia Lynn

The History of Ours

The History of Ours, Book I: The Guardians Trust Evolution. At the dawn of the 21st century, hive-mind awareness is achieved by “chipping in.” Downloading your mind into a singular collective consciousness called 4D, is a revelation that drives our society to the brink of destruction. THE GUARDIANS is set in the aftermath when society has stabilized, controlled in eight domed colonies called “Centrs;” all that remain of western civilization. Governments and religions have been replaced by the Guardians, a consciousness steering the course of human events to rebuild from the parallel reality of 4D. There is no violence, no hunger, and no war. “The Guardians Provide.” Grace River26D, a young and stubbornly brilliant utility engineer resigned to Maintenance1, the

Enemies Closer : L.E. Truscott

Enemies Closer

Enemies Closer Hell hath no fury like a weapons expert scorned. L.E. Truscott’s action-packed debut novel, Enemies Closer, follows Cassandra Broderick, a former US Marine now working in the weapons industry, and Antonia Parker, the CIA Agent who thinks she could be the key to breaking open her latest case. They have two things in common: they’re both about to have their hearts broken and their lives turned upside down. After an event attended by some of Washington DC’s most powerful figures in the military industrial complex, Cassandra and Antonia awake from having their drinks spiked to a room full of dead bodies. Someone is setting them up – for murder and espionage – and it doesn’t take long before

Double Occupancy : Elaine Raco Chase

Double Occupancy : Elaine Raco Chase

Double Occupancy Meet Casey Reynolds – she is NOT thin, petite, clueless, virginal or submissive. Which is exactly why Travis Craig wanted to ‘kick down her door and throw her on that bed.’ Read the couple that reviewers have said: “their witty banter will have you laughing but their hot and steamy moments will have you begging for more.” “a book with solid characters & lots of humor” “amazing read, I wish it was longer.” Read why this erotic duo has been on FB’s What to Read After 50 Shades of Grey – top 50 books – for 1 YEAR! Book Links Website Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

A Baker’s Dozen : Eleanor Cawood Jones

A Baker's Dozen

A Baker’s Dozen – 13 Tales of Murder and More Love mysteries? Love short stories? Put them both together and you’ve got a wonderful 5-star debut! A Baker’s Dozen: 13 Tales of Murder and More is a diverse compilation of short stories spanning 30 years, crafted by a former journalist and including two contributions by her mother, a court reporter and professional proofreader. From murder in the mountains of Tennessee to the adventures of an all-woman air conditioning repair crew in Northern Virginia, a trip down the runway of a senior citizen beauty pageant, and the secrets revealed in the aftermath of a violent tornado, this page-turner is a blend of psychological suspense, surprise endings, satire, tearjerkers, and just plain,