The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Single Women : Samantha Brett

The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Single Women

The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Single Women Are you a single, successful woman wondering why you aren’t attracting a suitable man to share your wonderful life with? Tired of the seemingly never-ending dating game that just seems to continue on and on forever without ever producing a single suitable suitor? Are you over having meaningless sexual encounters that only end in heartache? Then this book is for you! There are thousands of single women out there – more than ever before – and it seems like it’s getting more and more difficult to find a man. If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. Author Samantha Brett found herself single and alone well into her 20s. Finding a partner

The Billionaire’s Gift : Edward Iwata

The Billionaire’s Gift : Edward Iwata

The Billionaire’s Gift: A Spiritual Business Parable What would lead a greedy CEO to toss $1 million in cash to strangers on the street? The Billionaire’s Gift, a novella, is the tale of a soul-searching CEO’s quest for a greater purpose in life than the endless pursuit of worldly goods. This modern-day Scrooge reveres his vast assets and corporate conquests. But when his health fails, he finds that all of his riches cannot bring him joy, nor heal his spirit. To his surprise, he receives guidance and comfort from his late parents and from his devout secretary, a sharp but often ignored businesswoman. The secretary has worked with the billionaire for decades. Yet, one callous act by him tests her

Loser’s Memorial : Larry Nocella

Loser's Memorial

Loser’s Memorial THE REVIEWS ARE IN! “Gripping!” “Gruesome!” “Unique Premise!” “Vivid & Intense!” Loser’s Memorial takes you on a dark journey through the surreal and sinister world where war and profit mix. Told with a masterful blend of brutality, humanity and demented humor, the madness of this gruesome thrill ride stays with you right up to the finish! Told from alternating perspectives between a Moroccan boy falsely accused of being a terrorist, and a down-on-his luck American who ends up in jail, Loser’s Memorial follows both as they descend into the surreal and self-perpetuating world of war for profit. What Johnny Got His Gun did for World War I, and Apocalypse Now did for the Vietnam War, Loser’s Memorial does

Destiny : Arlene Marie Muller

Destiny (Volume I Destiny Trilogy)

Destiny (Volume I Destiny Trilogy) Destiny is a contemporary drama that whisks you through the lives of Joanna, Kay, and Maddie, three very distinct and dynamic women seeking the same connection to love and family. At ease in cowboy boots or high heels, Joanna is an earth mother who longs to be barefoot and pregnant.  “At eighteen I was a runway model in Paris.  I thought I’d work for five or six years, then marry and start a family. At thirty-five, I wanted to be living on a ranch, with kids and dogs running in and out of the house all day, and a loyal and devoted husband making love to me all night.” A diva at twenty-one, Kay, reached

Fire in the Dark : Michael Oldham

Fire in the Dark

Fire in the Dark (Sophie and Marcus Book 1) In September 1995 during the Yugoslavian Civil War, Serb paramilitaries attack a small town in Bosnia. A French patrol tries to intervene but is captured. Colonel Marcus Tregay, ex SBS and now a Military Attaché serving in Sarajevo is detailed to assist French Special Forces attempting a rescue. They succeed, but whilst doing so they witness an appalling spectacle of rape and mass murder. Eight years later an attempt is made on his life. It is not the first, but this time it seems that someone in British Intelligence, the CIA, or the French Special Forces has deliberately betrayed him. Marcus quits England to search for the truth. In Geneva, he

Millie and Honey : J. D. Means

Millie and Honey - The Blue Angel Planet

Millie and Honey – The Blue Angel Planet A Rescue and a Near Death Experience is not what you would expect to find on a nearly perfect world like the beautiful Blue Angel Planet. This is a fast paced adventure that has it all. Millie and Honey begin with a nightmare and rush to unravel the mystery that surrounds the dream they share, only to find that sometimes the real thing is more bizarre than the dream. Hold on to your seats as this knuckle biting adventure twists and turns, with lots of unexpected outcomes. Book Links Authorsden Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

The Last Jump : John E. Nevola

The Last Jump

The Last Jump – A Novel of World War II The Last Jump is a story of discovery as a modern day journalist explores the military experience of his father in World War II.  Aware of the existence of a long lost family secret, our protagonist enlists the aid of four aging World War II veterans who knew his father.  When he finds out they know about the secret and have sworn an oath never to reveal it, he begins the difficult task of  carefully cajoling the information from men he considers to be true heroes.  His odyssey takes him back in time to a country vexed with racial and gender issues but united as never before or since. After

The Driver : Greg D’Alessandro

The Driver

The Driver THE DRIVER is a quirky comic novel centered on the author’s real-life escapades escorting “dancers” as they make their nocturnal rounds in his faded Cadillac. It is the debut novel of writer/comedian Greg D’Alessandro, who in addition to his felonious Hollywood loitering – has mesmerized mainland Chinese children in 40+ episodes of Zodiac Island, an animated/live action kids TV series he wrote and produced in a language he doesn’t know. THE DRIVER is an irreverent, non-PG-13 summer getaway that puts the reader in the shoes of an unlikely protagonist, as he awkwardly navigates the desires of Hollywood’s glitterati and befriends a coterie of beautiful but idiosyncratic dancers. The lead character, George Donato, is put to the test when