Zenda’s Story : Cameron McVey

Zenda’s Story : Cameron McVey

Zenda's Story : Cameron McVeyZenda isn’t real. That’s the first thing she’ll tell you. Then she’ll tell you a whole bunch more. Stuff you won’t understand. Not at first. Zenda’s story will give you what you need to know to make sense of “The Curated Worlds” series as it begins. Consider it a primer for the adventures of Alva Albish, Valia Huntington, a few other clones and the semi-real worlds they inhabit. Make no mistake, the fate of the universe will be decided by the end of the series. In fact, the fate of multiple universes. The question is: which one is the real one? Welcome to “The Curated Worlds.”

“The Curated Worlds” follows the life of one Alva Albish. Alva is a clone. She doesn’t know this – yet. Discovering this will be more than a rude awakening for her. It will change her life. There are other clones, too. Valia. Amelia. Cade, Jo and Ash. Then there’s Zenda. Zenda isn’t a clone. In fact, she’s not even real. But she desperately wants to be. “The Curated Worlds” series is full of ray guns, superheroes, missile attacks, giant monsters, super villains, time travel, supercomputers, genetic engineering, virtual reality and, oh yeah, a couple of trips to comic con. And a really cool museum!

I’ve read comic books ever since I was five years old. For Christmas in 1974, my parents gave me the recently published “Origins of Marvel Comics.” In graduate school, I wrote my master’s thesis on the structure of the modern, American, superhero comic book (“How Green is Your Power Ring?”). When I started writing fiction more than a decade later, it was inevitable that I would write a superhero story. A few years back I published a book called L.A.ser Boy. Then I un-published it. You see, L.A.ser Boy‘s simple story morphed into a whole world of stories. Multiple worlds of stories. “The Curated Worlds”.

Hold Still the Sky and Nova Sol by Cameron McVey are also on Whizbuzz Books.

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