Words Of The Screaming Unspoken : Waunice FennellWords Of The Screaming Unspoken

This book is a collection of poetry written to inspire, build self-esteem and help those who have been subjected to unhealthy relationships, or even faced obstacles throughout their lives.

What inspired the author to write “Words Of The Screaming Unspoken” is that poetry can be a therapeutic tool for healing. Actually talking about experiences may be difficult and some people may not know the right person to talk to. Reading material that is relatable can be helpful for the reader. Additionally, writing about certain experiences is a great way for a person to express themselves and start the healing process.

The title was thought of because some people have a tendency to hold in emotions. They may have a hard time expressing themselves and the words are screaming to come out, frustration.

The artwork for the cover is a piece that was hand-drawn by the author. It was chosen as the cover art because it expresses love, sadness, caring and encouragement.

When faced with difficult situations, keep the faith in knowing that things will eventually turn around for you. The clouds and the darkness that surrounds you; will soon after become sunshine. You cannot give up! You must pick yourself up and fight for your life…

May these poems inspire, help heal and be a voice for those with words that have been unspoken. “Remember to love and honor yourself.” -Waunice Fennell

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Words Of The Screaming Unspoken : Waunice Fennell

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