Wildflowers and Train Whistles : Lillian "Sissy Crone" FrazerWildflowers and Train Whistles: Stories of a Coal Mining Family

Sissy Crone, a coal camp kid, brings to life the faded past of her hometown, Minden, West Virginia, through a collection of stories told firsthand of heartache and loss, balanced by glorious triumphs.

Sissy brings us along as a companion through her early years in a childhood that could never exist in a modern world.

Wildflowers and Train Whistles is a book about an ordinary family that survives extraordinary challenges as a coal camp family living in hardscrabble times of the 1950’s.

She and her six siblings color a dark, damp coal camp town with humorous antics and daring adventures to bring excitement to the hills near the New River Gorge.



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Wildflowers and Train Whistles : Lillian “Sissy Crone” Frazer

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