Wild Passion : Sheri Chapman


Wild Passion : Sheri Chapman

Wild Passion : Sheri ChapmanWhen Kaitlin’s father promised her hand to the foulest individual in the newly settled town, she decided she’d had enough! No man would control her anymore!

Kaitlin packed her meager belongings and headed out on foot from their remote home to find refuge in the small settlement. However, she marched straight from one man’s command into another’s. The Oglala War chief on a mission for revenge found a beautiful woman to rescue. Once the warrior had saved the girl’s life, she owed it to him forever.

Kaitlin arrived in the Oglala village in an injured state. She did not understand the Lakota language and believed they were healing her. Eventually, the solitary white woman believed these natives would return her to her community. While with them, Kaitlin learned some of their language and customs.

She made meaningful relationships with the villagers. In addition, Kaitlin also learned about the Oglala’s way of life (gathering, leather curing, basket weaving, and more). Ultimately, Kaitlin became strongly attracted to and fell in love with the fearsome war chief. When she discovered that she was considered his property and not a person with rights, Kaitlin vowed to escape, even if it meant leaving her happiness behind.

Tamed by the wild culture of these caring but fierce people, Kaitlin learns that freedom isn’t always defined by personal expectations. Being a slave could never be an option, but how could she ever want liberty when her freedom is claimed by an attractive war chief who has also captured her heart?

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