Who Let the Old Fart into the Classroom : Robert A. Taft

Who Let the Old Fart into the Classroom : Robert A. Taft

Who Let the Old Fart into the Classroom : Robert A. TaftWhy Globalism, Socialism and Environmentalism Won’t Work

This fact-based novel revolves around an irascible retired businessman Leonard Whittle who takes his granddaughter Lisa to interview at a liberal university. During her interview, Lisa announces that she is interested in the school’s globalism program. The Principal Dean invites her and Leonard to audit a few classes which they do. What ensues is, for poor Leonard, a mind-blowing collection of progressive views neatly promoted in courses that are global in scope.

The courses run the gamut from socialism to environmentalism, the United Nations to the European Union, from the American business-government cabal to Saul Alinsky and Herbert Marcuse, from the New Left of the 1960s to the New Left of today, from the marginalization of America to the China-Russian vision of globalism.

Leonard can’t believe what the students are being fed and inserts himself in the discussions in every class. Pitted against faculty and students alike, he leaves no subject unturned and wades into the murky depths of micro-aggressions, identity politics, multiple sex categories, George Soros’ control of just about everything, the expense of a college education and much more.

Whether the reader agrees or disagrees with Leonard’s fact-based views, he or she will be left with significant food for equally significant thought.

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