The Gemini Nemesis : Clive Owen Barry

The Gemini Nemesis : Clive Owen Barry

The Gemini Nemesis : Clive Owen BarryAbruptly woken within the early hours of the morning, Detective Inspector Nikos Papadakis, is informed that the butchered and mutilated body of a third victim has been discovered. The disturbing connection between the three of them being, they were all middle-aged men with a perverted preference for young children and worse, all the evidence seems to suggest that the carnage being left behind is the work of two young schoolgirls.

With the female intuition of Detective Constable Christine Whitmore, Nikos is able to connect the crimes together, but the outcome seems to be causing an inner turmoil and confusion within the many departments of the law enforcement fraternity as they try and decide between who are the guilty parties and who might be the victims of the many wrongdoings that have been committed.

From the depravity of the sleazy bars beyond the railway bridge, to the opulently furnished homes of prominent members of society, DI Nikos Papadakis, together with his beautiful lover Chrissy Whitmore, must put together the many pieces of the intricate puzzle and bring the guilty to justice.

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