Victorious Living : Pastor Robert N. Fortson SrVictorious Living – Scriptures and Inspirational Thoughts to Help With Life’s Many Challenges

This collection of inspirational quotes and accompanying scriptures are helpful aids to readers who hope to achieve victorious living through seeking and following God’s Word. Each chapter begins with a descriptive paragraph of the theme for that section (love, faith, peace & joy, etc.). These introductions will transition the reader into the God-inspired quotes that are simple, yet encouraging and informative.

Each quote has a corresponding scripture that provides the support for its’ message according to the Word of God. This book confirms the timeliness and legitimacy of scriptures for today’s situations. “Victorious Living” is one of the most encouraging books you will ever read. These God-inspired thoughts will give you the basic components to build and live a victorious life.


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Victorious Living : Pastor Robert N. Fortson Sr

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