UFO 1 : Augustus Nicholas

UFO 1 : Augustus Nicholas

UFO 1 : Augustus NicholasUFO 1: A Quest to Understand One of the World’s Greatest Mysteries

ALL ORIGINAL documented and recorded video and photographic evidence – Of UFOs and the PARANORMAL.

How is it possible for one person to encounter so many unusual aerial anomalies since 2012 with ever increasing frequency?

Has he been chosen or is he just in the right place at the right time?

With acute powers of observation Augustus Nicholas has documented the most amazing objects the world has never seen. He graduated with a BSc degree in Physics and Physical and Inorganic Chemistry in 1983 at Adelaide University.

His first real documented sighting of a silver disc in Melbourne was in 2012, accidentally photographed not only by one electronic device but two. This was for Augustus undeniable proof that he had encountered something unusual. Strange lights in the sky, mainly in the day, were recorded with a 10 x zoom camera which did not bring out enough detail when analysed on a computer. The only saving grace keeping the interest to gaze up at the sky as often as possible was the strange behaviour of these objects.

For a period of nearly two years the sightings suddenly ceased only to re-appear with a vengeance consistently thereafter. Augustus has witnessed strange objects when visiting Europe, especially in Glyfada-Athens, Greece late 2016, but most sightings are in Melbourne, Australia. When he returned from Europe he promised himself to invest in a good quality zoom camera which has proven to be an asset of importance. It was in October 2017 where a very special sighting cemented the path for him to write UFO 1 with the ultimate intention of acceptance which is just one step behind full UFO disclosure.

He believes that he has discovered a link between CERN, The Large Hadron Collider in Europe and these UFOs, mostly observed in his home town of Melbourne, Australia. All the photographic and video evidence on his website and YouTube Channel are NOT fake, or CGI or anything like that.

Coming from a Religious background, it has been very difficult for him when trying to make sense of it all.

He is currently writing UFO 2, to be released in 2019, where he promises will also blow everyone’s mind away. The objects seem to be coming closer, for instance he was in an office building with large windows overlooking the street below. It was a clear day with hardly any wind at all when he noticed this strange paper like object floating past the window about a few hundred feet away. It seemed to be wanting to attract his attention. Running outside he easily spotted it as it was still “flapping” around but this time it was higher in the sky. Grabbing his camera and zooming in revealed something Incredible. It looked like a glowing hologram with various moving images of earthly type creatures from the ocean and land. You heard right, a fish swimming with its fins flapping, small animals, and marsupials morphing from one into the other in a repetitive cycle.

He can only surmise that these are interdimensional objects perhaps attempting to communicate.

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