Try! : Constantin Dutchevici

Try! : Constantin Dutchevici

Try! : Constantin DutcheviciLook at Type 2 of Civilization! As We Continue; We’re Destroying Life! Are You Able, to Decide the Fair Destiny for Your Kids’ Children?

Ahve: “We warn that great danger awaits us in the future: the extinction of life on Earth. Population growth and territorial expansion reduce the habitat of wild fauna and flora to extinction, adding destruction through the use of chemicals, pollution, depletion of energy resources and raw materials. The pressure on life is enormous. Do we have solutions? ”

Eohn: “We discussed that it is possible to have an abundance for us humans and for beings on Earth. We need the means to do it.”

Madah: “The four basic means are: transport with a short transit time that uses acceleration and deceleration ex; NY to Paris 25 minutes, Earth to the Moon 3 hours, Earth to Mars 36 hours (one day and ½); unlimited power generators; total depollution through which waste is transformed into chemical elements: oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, etc .; ethics to keep alive all living things on earth, from bacteria, fish, birds, mammals, humans. The theoretical point as a mathematical expression is: Vr = Vt; we say that the radial velocity is equal to the tangential velocity, for a system in angular acceleration (ε); from here we have fascinating corollaries. Details are given in the TRY book! ….. ”

Reader: “With you, I studied solutions for a future society. The abundance of products, of individual and social emancipation is impressive. The expansion in space multiplies tremendously the terrestrial possibilities of agriculture, industry, raw material resources and energy. This abundance will also be useful for living things on earth. ”

Ahve: “In space, rotating cylindrical stations will be used for agricultural or industrial purposes. The rotational motion will generate an acceleration field that will simulate the Earth’s gravitational field. A space station will see a population ~ 0.1 to 1million inhabitants to begin with. It will be equipped with all facilities: accommodation, medical, education, production, sports, entertainment, etc.

Reader: “We have the chance to make heaven on earth. Let’s unite people in the direction of a better future. I urge them to spread the knowledge we develop to their loved ones, to contact them, and to talk to them. If we do nothing, we are heading for disaster. We try to train as many people as possible in this action. New ideas are more difficult to understand, they need to be settled for a while. My exhortation is: read and pass it on! ”

Eohn: “There are governments, corporations, the army, secret services that do not agree with them. What are we doing?”

Ahve: “All these are made up of people. They have wives, children, grandchildren, relatives, friends. Do you think they want to intoxicate them with chemicals, pollution, epidemics, plagues? They have reluctance, delays in understanding, but in the end, they will find that the good of all is for their good. We have to be patient until they understand. We must treat them as friends, collaborators. ”

Reader: “In the end, we can say that we must unite for the good of all!”

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