Sharing My Wife : C J Edwards


Sharing My Wife : C J Edwards

Sharing My Wife : C J EdwardsNow re-released as a 3rd edition, with a completely new erotic scene. Sharing My Wife was top-selling erotica author, Charlotte Edwards’ very first adult e-book. First published in 2013, and a constantly top seller ever since. Red hot and not for the prudish! Over 18s only!

Sharing My Wife tells the tale of Suzi, an ordinary housewife who nearly lost her husband through being less than exciting in the bedroom. When the penny dropped, instead of lashing out, she took a good look at herself and decided to change in order to please her husband. Through doing so, she discovered a whole new side to herself – a somewhat dark, submissive and very sensual side!

As she went deeper in, the liaisons became more scandalous and depraved and she thoroughly enjoyed every moment. In this story, Suzi is introduced to the pleasures of women for the first time when her husband arranges a surprise liaison with another couple.

‘Suzi was carefully and lovingly prepared by her husband for their visitors. After bathing and pampering, she was given a taste of Champagne, before being firmly and securely cinched into a leather corset that displayed her to her very best; her arms were cuffed behind her back and her legs spread with a bar. Her husband enjoyed her quivering helplessness for a while and in her turn, Suzi appreciated his attentions, his strong hands warm and comforting.

Finally, when he had had his fill and she was left wobbling on the precipice of her own desire, she was gagged. They had discovered early on in her journey that the one faculty Suzi had to give up, for total submission, was her voice. She was ready just in time as the doorbell sounded and her husband left her standing in the middle of the room; alone and vulnerable as she waited for their guests.

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