Truthing The Fake News : Robert Houseman

Truthing The Fake News : Robert Houseman

Truthing The Fake News : Robert HousemanLearn How To Extract The Truth From Fake News In One Day

Reading this book will increase your understanding of the people who fuel these fake news stories and the reasons behind them doing so.

Have you ever stopped and thought what rewards all that effort reaps? Some of these stories have been filtered through so many layers of deception that it can take investigators years to trace the initial source!

Are you under the impression that fake news is a modern phenomenon? While it is true that the social media culture we live in has increased the rate and speed the stories reach us.

This book will show you that history is littered with examples of misinformation and deception. There are examples of fake news that will make you chuckle and yet other stories have been so influential that they have become dangerous.

Read how people’s lives have been affected and then arm yourself with the tips included here which will help you filter your own news supply. Make sure you know what a genuine piece of information is and let Robert Houseman ensure you never become an Internet user who shares fake news!

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