Transport : Death Mission : Phillip P. Peterson

Transport : Death Mission

Transport : Death Mission : Phillip P. Peterson

Transport : Death Mission : Phillip P. PetersonTransport : Death Mission

“Transport? Transport to where, Sir?”
“Possibly straight to hell.”

An extraterrestrial object is discovered off the coast of California; a sphere that transports people to other solar systems. Death-row inmate Russell Harris and nine other convicts are given the chance to save their own lives by agreeing to travel as test subjects on the transporter. But when the first volunteer dies a gruesome death, it becomes clear to Russell and his comrades that the venture is little more than a merciless death mission on which they will all perish. Their only chance of survival is to uncover the secret of the mysterious object, but that too seems hopeless – because no trace of the transporter’s constructors can be found.

Phillip P. Peterson worked as an engineer on booster rockets and as satellite program manager; he has also written popular science articles about space travel. At the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair he received the first Kindle Storyteller Award. Characters and action take centerstage in his hardcore science fiction that profits from Peterson’s technical background.

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