Timmy’s Small Mind : Alyson Runnels


Timmy’s Small Mind : Alyson Runnels

Timmy's Small Mind : Alyson RunnelsA book that challenges children to view life differently.

There’s an entire world to explore full of things that are different, people that are different and people that engage in different activities. Children that do the same thing, go the same places and refuse to try different things turn into adults that do the same.

What do we miss when we refuse to try new things?

What do we miss when we stay determined never to change?

What do we miss when we never want to try new foods?

What do we miss when we shut the door to any new activities?

Timmy gets the opportunity to take a look at his world. Timmy is about the journey of a little boy unaware about his outlook in life. Children, just as adults, have the opportunity to choose their outlook on life. When presented with new opportunities and experiences, you can choose to do something different or remain fixed on doing the same activities.

Life is full of adventure or full of monotony.

Timmy is confronted with the opportunity to experience what is different. What choice will he make?
Join us on Timmy’s journey to determine what road he will choose when given the opportunity to experience different activities.

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