They Called Him Marvin : Roger W StarkIt was WW2. Duty Called. He went. She being with child did not. He didn’t come home.

Follow Lt Dean Sherman, B29 pilot and his crew as they train and enter the war in the Pacific. Unfortunately, they were shot down over Nagoya, Japan, May 14, 1945. Captured by the Japanese, Dean and his crew were tried as war criminals and executed a month before the war ended.

The book also follows a Japanese family, the Kyoshi’s, as they deal with being on the ground when the B29s firebomb Tokyo. They elect to send their children to a safe area that had not been bombed for the duration of the war. they went to live with an uncle in Hiroshima.

Dean’s wife, Connie raises their son Marvin.




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They Called Him Marvin : Roger W Stark

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