Therapy Without A Therapist: DIY Good Mental Health & Growth : Avigail Abarbanel

Therapy Without A Therapist: DIY Good Mental Health & Growth : Avigail Abarbanel

Therapy Without A Therapist : Avigail AbarbanelAre you a bit anxious or a bit low, not doing as well as you think you should or can? Are you struggling with confidence or emotional triggers at work, in a relationship or in parenting? Do you feel triggered and ‘lose’ yourself? Do you find yourself behaving in ways that you are not proud of but can’t stop yourself in the moment? Does your life feel a bit dull, directionless? Do you wonder what else might be possible for you? Have you tried antidepressants only to realise that they don’t actually deal with the causes but only help with the symptoms?

If, like many, you prefer to live without medication, someone might have suggested you talk to a professional, a therapist. But the idea of talking to a stranger about your problems can be off-putting and uncomfortable, even scary. A lot of people wonder what therapy can actually offer them and for good reasons. Psychotherapy is still a mystery to many. Therapists can be vague about what they do and often cannot explain it. And in any case, is talking always helpful? What happens when you open a big can of worms and make yourself vulnerable in front of a stranger but then have to carry on with your day-to-day life? When you don’t know what therapy is, how do you even begin to choose an approach that is the right one for you?

If you are sceptical and prefer not to talk to a stranger about your problems, this short book might be for you. Thanks to Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), the brainchild of Dr Dan Siegel, therapy is no longer a mystery and everyone can understand it. Over two decades I have been able to develop my psychotherapeutic practice within the framework of IPNB in a way that makes it clear and accessible to everyone. Over the years many clients have urged me to put into writing what I do in therapy. They believe that many can benefit from this knowledge and can grow, heal and develop even without seeing a therapist. I have always been passionate about sharing knowledge in the hope of making the profession of psychotherapy unnecessary.

Therapy is also much more than just about individual happiness. How we are, determines our values, how we treat one another, how we parent and guide children, our politics and ultimately how we run our world. When you grow and develop to your potential you benefit much more than just yourself. This is the fifth booklet in the ‘Fully Human Psychotherapy Tools for Life Series’. It is short and accessible and it is for everyone because good mental health and development are everyone’s business.

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