The Surprising Reality of Human Existence : Eugene Bell-GamWhat do we know about the nature of life and the universe? How do we know what we presume to know is the truth?

Traumatic events are shattering beliefs and ideals in a post-everything world. Suddenly, fundamental assumptions that have inspired human progress for centuries no longer seem to hold, and modern societies are facing chaos and uncertainty. People everywhere are left searching for rational explanations that make sense and offer hope for meaningful living.

Eugene Bell-Gam’s well-researched account of converging scientific, philosophical, and theological conclusions on hidden influences behind our reality is enlightening and entertaining. Complex topics are deconstructed and explained with simple and interesting analogies drawn from everyday experiences. The profound implications of startling new findings will change the way readers view themselves and the world for ever.

With nearly 3,000 references to reports in academic journals and trusted media sources, this wide-ranging but holistic work is thoroughly fact-checked. It concludes with a thought-provoking discussion that suggests humanity might be running out of time and needs to urgently adopt a different existential paradigm if we are to survive current and looming upheavals.

A fascinating, inspiring and timely contribution to the growing debate about utility of life and our ultimate fate.

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The Surprising Reality of Human Existence : Eugene Bell-Gam

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