The Sixth Stage of Dying : Roland Kuhn

The Sixth Stage of Dying : Roland Kuhn

The Sixth Stage of Dying : Roland Kuhn“We have learned that you have been diagnosed with a terminal disease for which there is no cure. Please accept our condolences.

Your physician or therapist may have spoken to you about the ‘five stages of dying’: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. We offer you a sixth stage: taking someone with you. That is, assassination …”

An organization known as the Accountability Institute is recruiting people with fatal diseases to take out evil members of the elite who live beyond the reach of the law. After killing a man on live TV with the help of the AI, Mathew Freeman learns that there’s been a mistake: he’s not actually dying. Now a wanted criminal in excellent health, Mat must flee his pursuers and unravel the secrets of the conspiracy that recruited him. Along the way, he encounters a number of unusual people, including Dr. Clare Coldwater, a geneticist who is as ruthless as she is brilliant, Zane Ruby, the Silicon Valley billionaire, and Liza Rand, a beautiful young woman who has also been recruited by the AI.

Meanwhile, the AI’s assassination campaign continues. Not even the most powerful politicians, judges, or corporate chieftains are safe from sudden death at the hands of the AI … This dark thriller depicts the crumbling of America’s moral landscape.

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