The Road to War : Steven Burgauer

The Road to War

The Road to War : Steven Burgauer

The Road to War : Steven BurgauerThe Road to War : Duty & Drill, Courage & Capture

A riveting first-person account of a brave young man caught up in a cataclysmic World War.

This is the story of Captain William C. Frodsham, Jr., who — shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor — enlisted in the U.S. Army Infantry, where he excelled in basic training, became a junior officer, and eventually led a combat boat team ashore on OMAHA BEACH.

Six days later, in French hedgerow country and under withering German fire, Frodsham was wounded and taken prisoner. He spent the next year as a German POW, where he suffered great deprivation before finally being liberated by advancing Russian forces.

His training, his courage, his capture. The reader is taken for a first-person tour of the times at home and then tunneled into a vastly different world on the battlefield and in a German prisoner-of-war camp.

A truly remarkable story.

“Five-plus unequivocal stars to The Road to War. It’s an extraordinary read that everyone should enjoy.”
— October 20, 2016, Publishers Daily Reviews

4 stars out of 5
— October 28, 2016, “The Book Reviewers,” a division of Full Media Ltd. (UK)

“Personal, inspiring & insightful. This book is precious.”
— November 3, 2016, The Book Bag Reviewers (UK)

“An intimate and often daunting portrait of one man’s life-changing confrontation with war, The Road to War: Duty & Drill, Courage & Capture is highly recommended.”
— November 11, 2016, BookViral Reviews

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