The Return of the Shaman : AnneClaire Venemans

The Return of the Shaman : AnneClaire Venemans

The Return of the Shaman : AnneClaire VenemansThere is a call for a new, a modern shaman. As it becomes clear that our environment is changing, and that those changes are taking effect ever more rapidly — it is time to start looking at creating a better balance with nature.

Even though shamanic traditions can teach us a great deal, a new and different expression of shamanism is needed. A more modern shamanism. A shamanic expression that is a merger of both the rediscovery of our shamanic roots — going back to shamanism as it was practiced in our area at one time — and the application of the core values of shamanism in a manner that fits our way of living; our culture as it exists today.

These stories and poems are about the search for the path of the shaman in this point in time. The path of a modern shaman whose interaction with nature may grow stronger day by day.

From the simple question “Can you listen?,” to memories of the wise elders — from conversations with the old shaman and teacher M’Taka, to recollections of ancient songs and rhythms, a bridge is created between the ancient shamanic wisdom and the questions we may have in our lives today.

It is a journey that leads to the understanding that as the traditional shamanic thoughts and practices are brought into this point in time, the shaman returns in each of us choosing to walk the path…

Many have walked this path before us, each making a difference in the world. Now we are invited to embark on a journey, each in our own, unique way.

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