The Poseidon Files : Mike Rickett


The Poseidon Files : Mike Rickett

The Poseidon Files : Mike RickettTwo scientists discover that a top-secret installation in Alaska run by the American military, ostensibly conducting research into the upper atmosphere, is in fact developing technology that could transform the weather into a weapon of mass destruction and kill millions of people. They are horrified and decide to warn the world by copying vital classified files. But fate plays a decisive hand when the car they escape in plunges into a fast-moving river during a violent storm in freezing temperatures.

One of them, George Parry, survives and escapes pursuing military police believing his colleague, Keri Murdoch, is dead, managing to grab a microchip containing classified files before the car is swept down the river. Parry makes his way to Toronto and then on to Liverpool in the UK intending to give the files to the Press to warn the world of the potential dangers. But he is followed and murdered in a Liverpool hotel room but not before passing the microchip onto an unsuspecting woman during a psychic reading in an attempt to hide from his pursuers.

Artist and mystic Naomi Richards, 26, leads an uneventful life, enjoying the new-found freedom in bustling Liverpool that a divorce from a cheating husband has brought her.

Naomi makes a precarious living from art and her psychic abilities and when Parry hides in a city centre pub and sits for a psychic reading with her, Naomi realises that he is frightened of something or someone sinister following him. He hands her a keyring as a token for the reading but before she can discover what he is scared of he runs out leaving a notebook and the keyring behind.

Naomi is not to know that the secret microchip is contained in the keyring but because she was the last person to see Parry alive she becomes a target.

In Toronto, private investigator Alex Nelson is hired by FBI station chief Gram Rogers to recover the files and she travels to Liverpool only to discover that Parry has been murdered and that the last person to see him alive was Naomi.

Celebrity climate change activist Myron Hill is a leading light in the Environment Rebellion protest movement who also hears rumours of the research in Alaska. He decides to investigate and discovers that secret files have been copied; files that prove how destructive it would be to the environment. But Hill is not who he appears to be and he too has a secret.

FBI chief Gram Rogers encourages Alex to befriend Naomi believing her to have hidden the files but Alex becomes a target for assassins herself when an attempt is made to poison her on the streets of Liverpool.

Naomi and Alex are pursued by both the Russian Mafia and the GRU who are keen to redeem themselves after the fiasco of the failed attempt to murder the Skripals in Salisbury but one of their numbers is found murdered in Naomi’s apartment. They flee to Snowdonia to stay with Naomi’s brother but there is an attempt to murder Naomi in the mists of mount Snowdon. But the supernatural takes a hand to save her.

They return to Liverpool where the final drama is played out on the streets of Liverpool where Naomi is abducted and held hostage by a criminal gang. The supernatural comes to her aid in a final confrontation which takes place in a notoriously haunted sunken cemetery that lies alongside Liverpool’s majestic Anglican cathedral in which the Mafia gang are killed.

Will the world be warned about HAARP? Is there a cover-up? The final chapters reveal that people and events are not what they seem.

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