The Philanthropist : Roland Lewinsky


The Philanthropist : Roland Lewinsky

The Philanthropist : Roland LewinskyHead of the family Steve Bird is an entrepreneur, hotel chain owner and philanthropist. Wife Clara is a housewife, raising two children. The family lives the normal life of wealthy people in New York.

One day Steve Bird gets an offer from the Presidential staff to join one political party and tells his wife about it.

Clara is very excited about such good news, because she is tired of sitting at home and sees the opportunity to broaden her circle of communication. Of course, Clara has a secret feminine desire to show the political elite her new dress!

Entrepreneur Steve Bird has no lust for political participation at all, but is forced to somehow satisfy his wife’s whims by loving his wife.

How will it be necessary for a husband to satisfy his wife’s desires and what winds of destiny will bring fundamental changes to the Birds family.


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