The Mental Patient : C.P. deSavary

The Mental Patient : C.P. deSavary

The Mental Patient : C.P. deSavaryThe Mental Patient

The Mental Patient, by C.P.deSavary, is satirical novel describing the U.S. Presidential run by a charismatic character with the background of a successful businessman, supported by mysterious foreign factions, and mind control technologies.

Rock Rodgers is emotionally and mostly financially bankrupt, but emerges to compete for high office, backed by sinister foreign powers with big plans for a new society.

Rock runs his campaign from one of his remaining rent-by-the-hour hotels in Weehawken, New Jersey. He and his cohorts are pursued by a hapless reporter for the Newark Bugle, and figures from Rodgers’ past.

The strong female front desk clerk at one of Rock’s hotels cuts a romantic figure and plays a leading role in what transpires – but for which side? We’ve seen voters manipulated by fake news, but what is this new technology being deployed?

This book is a fun, easy read, laden with ominous warnings and a serious message behind the humor.

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