Akari : Harris Pozderac

Akari : Harris Pozderac

Akari : Harris PozderacAkari: Bleed like a machine

In Baytropolis 2054, Marcus Lloyd, the founder of Mechadeus Megacorporation, is testing neomantium to create first self-conscious AI.

As the planet’s most powerful tech titan, running for the first transhumanist president of America, he has the rival company, Hashimoto Industries, on the ropes, and Capitol Hill, in his back pocket. Nothing stands in his way but Akari Dawn: a robot-hating, high school senior, with a bionic arm and leg, who lives in the slums of Quadrant Seven with her PTSD-stricken father.

GHOST IN THE SHELL action clashes with BLADE RUNNER atmosphere as Akari embarks on a suicide mission to stop Marcus Lloyd from giving birth to self-aware AI. Otherwise, she will never learn the truth about her mother, who left her when Akari was three to discover the neomantium that she would be risking her life for now along with the future of humanity.

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