The Life and Dreams of Effie Farraday : Lynn Williams


The Life and Dreams of Effie Farraday : Lynn Williams

The Life and Dreams of Effie Farraday : Lynn WilliamsEffie Farraday was quite content living at Rawlings with her Aunt Constance. Over the years she’s become used to her inexplicable recurring dreams, and she somehow endures the terrifying nightmares of an old ventriloquist’s dummy.

After all, she always has her impetuous best friend Mace to keep her sane – she can trust him…… However when Effie is visited by the apparition of a woman who tries to murder her, it is anything BUT a dream, and she is immediately left fearing for her life.

Effie finds she must flee her beloved home, and embark on a journey across a perilous land, steeped in folklore. Finally, she reaches an idyllic little village, where all her troubles seem to melt away, and she is soon filled with a strange, blissful contentment. But why do all the villagers stare at her so, and what is being kept from her?

After a sinister encounter in the local church, the truth is finally revealed, and Effie has no choice but to leave the man and the village she loves.

Somethings has changed whilst Effie’s been away, including her friend Mace….but it’s only when she reaches Rawlings that events really take a turn for the worse. When a series of closely guarded secrets are made known to her, she desperately tries to digest the horrid truth, whilst teetering on the brink of insanity. As parts of the puzzle begin to slot into place, Effie believes someone close to her is in grave danger….but can she save them….will everything turn out alright, or will her life veer totally in the wrong direction?

This paranormal novel is the first in “The Effie Farraday Trilogy”. Read The Continuing Saga of Effie Farraday, and The Loves and Sorrows of Effie Farraday to discover where Effie’s life will ultimately lead her.

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