The Horned Mage: Books 1-5 : Hayden HarperThe Horned Mage: Books 1-5

All Caleb Marshal wants is to break the curse that made him born with a pair of antlers and to date his best friend and magical prodigy, Jadeite. When he finally manages to accomplish the first, Caleb unleashes new magical abilities that don’t behave like any normal mage’s, and ends up irrevocably bound to Jadeite’s stepsister, Lexus.

As if that wasn’t enough, now he’s got to deal with a meth ring run by monsters, a werewolf biker gang, and keep his grades up so that he can keep his scholarship and stay in school instead of returning to the abusive home he and his adopted sister escaped from. Only, as Caleb grows in power, the more people he has bound to him, and the more plots he finds himself entangled in, the less certain he is of his own humanity.

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The Horned Mage: Books 1-5 : Hayden Harper

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