The Furnace of Affliction : Horace Williams Jr.Have you ever asked where God is or what is He doing in your life? Have your trials and suffering felt like they are never-ending? Are you in need of some hope to keep moving forward?

The Furnace of Affliction does not sound or feel like a place anyone wants to be. But here is what I have learned after being in similar situations. God has chosen you to be an essential part of His family. In the fiery trials you are facing, He is there refining, restoring, and renewing you for a unique purpose. “If you have ever questioned God’s love for you when you are suffering, this story will encourage and challenge you.

Horace shares the struggles he has faced and how God uses and redeems our pain.” Sheila Walsh, co-host of Life Today and author of Praying Women.

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The Furnace of Affliction: How God Uses Our Pain and Suffering for His Purpose : Horace Williams Jr.

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