The Day I Disappeared : Maria Moriarity

The Day I Disappeared

The Day I Disappeared : Maria Moriarity Day I Disappeared : Maria MoriarityThirty, unlucky in love, and a nurse from Buffalo, New York—Lydia’s life couldn’t be more ordinary. That is until she touches a dying patient’s enchanted pin and disappears.
Transported from the present to Medieval Florence, Lydia awakens in the arms of a jaw-droppingly gorgeous Etruscan warrior who is also displaced in time. If it wasn’t for his terror-inspiring size, giant cleaving weapons, and the fact that he was holding her prisoner—Lydia could see how she might be attracted to him.
Now, all she has to do to get home is escape the hulking barbarian, uncover the secrets of her ancestry, and try not to be killed by a demonic woman named Vanth who wants to add the pin and its power to her nefarious collection.
Join our reluctant heroine on a rollercoaster ride through time as she struggles to solve the ancient mystery surrounding her maternal line. Because little does Lydia know… she’s in for the epic adventure of many lifetimes!
***This book is a happily ever after story with no cliffhangers. It contains sensuality without graphic sex scenes.***
“Time and fate are intricately connected Maria Moriarity has crafted a genius story. This time travel tale of a courageous heroine, who seeks her ancestral history beyond the barriers of time and space, makes you question everything you take for granted. Wonderfully written and boldly told” ~ Lina J. Potter, author of “Medieval Tale.”

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