The Beloved - Journey to Union : Amber AghaThe Beloved – Journey to Union

The Beloved -Journey to Union takes the reader on a journey of discovery and uncovering to Love and our connection to Love in all its’ many forms. The words are an awakening of the soul and the deepest yearnings for union and love. These are timeless words that transport, heal and awaken.

“Beautifully written, the words within this book struck a cord and certainly reminded me of what’s really important in life. We must not live in fear, the only thing that’s truly real in life is love. You get back what you give tenfold”. Holistic Health Magazine

“The Beloved- Journey to Union is a poetic gateway leading into a higher experience of love and unity consciousness. A gorgeous healing experience for the heart, mind and soul.” Steve Noble, director or Alternatives

“The poems I have read are true Love poems with that wonderful mystic quality I have only otherwise found in Sufi poetry. They are beautiful to savour”. Jonathan Horowitz Director of the Shamanic School of Studies

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The Beloved – Journey to Union : Amber Agha

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