The Bell Curve Plus: Intelligence & Communism : Shawn Fan


The Bell Curve Plus: Intelligence & Communism : Shawn Fan

The Bell Curve Plus: Intelligence & Communism : Shawn Fan

Intelligence is associated with everything created by human beings.

IQ compounds one part of how we define intelligence, while wisdom is the other aspect of it. IQ can be measured; wisdom cannot.

Chinese have high IQ. Their discoveries, inventions, material culture confirm that. However, with respect to immaterial culture, China is far behind the West. Chinese like materialism. They worship power, and are not religious. Chinese culture, like other East Asian culture, is the perfect soil for communism.

The Chinese don’t have philosophical thinking. China’s behind the West in immaterial culture partially proves it. How the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) grabs power, conducts economic construction, and struggles for Hegemony more clearly supports the idea.

When the CCP fought for power, they used all methods at any cost. Robbing, kidnapping, blackmail, killing, looting, growing opium, terror, lies, conspiracies, or anything you can imagine, were used by the CCP to defeat their competitors. They only cared about their power.

After the CCP led by Mao Zedong came to power, they used the same way to secure power. Lies and violence are their two heirlooms. When Mao was in power, tens of millions of Chinese were killed. On the other hand, Mao and the CCP enjoyed luxury life. Their special supplies, houses, obscene life, etc. are secrets of the country. The only good thing Mao did for China was that he died in 1976.

To make the CCP’s regime survive, they started economic construction. They use all approaches for power. The whole country is polluted. People are controlled tightly. Chinese are their slaves or tools. They steal technologies from the West. They make promises to anything they can benefited from but never keep them. There is no spirit of contract in China.

For its goal to surpass the West led by the US, the CCP tries to sabotage the West. They don’t obey any rules. They proliferate nuclear weapons and technology. They support terrorists.

However, no matter what they do, the West is still far better than China. When President Trump starts the Trade War, many foreign companies move their business out of China and Chinese economy become worse and worse. Moreover, Chinese policies in minority regions, Hong Kong’s democratic movements, Taiwan’s more and more independence, etc. make the CCP’s regime in danger. For its own power, the CCP spread the Coronavirus in 2019 during 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan. Then people in the whole world are dying and suffering.

Chinese is a country of rule by law, not rule of law. Whoever has the power has the right. The society is like a pyramid. A small percentage of people are on the top while about 80~90% of people are on the bottom. They are slaves and don’t have human rights. People don’t know natural law and are not equal in China. The cruelest get to the top. Everyone in the country tries their best to move up and get on top of others. Chinese are like in the jungle.

Chinese have high IQ, but don’t have a spirit of contract or understand natural law. They don’t have philosophical thinking and are short in wisdom. Chinese need wisdom for society, not just for themselves. Chinese need the West for civilization. Democratic countries need to be united against China. Otherwise, the CCP will use virus, nuclear weapon, terrorism, corruption, and any way they can use to fight the West for power. The world will be infiltrated by the CCP and then be controlled by it.

We are in an unrestricted war now. This war is the conflict of civilizations: the West against the East; Capitalism against communism. This war is caused by the difference of intelligence between Caucasian and East Asian.

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