The Bacchus Virus : K.C. Orvik

The Bacchus Virus : K.C. Orvik

The Bacchus Virus : K.C. OrvikThe Bacchus Virus

All Kari wants to do is hate her job quietly for the next thirty years, try to salvage her marriage, and occasionally hang out with her fabulous friend, James. But, as things tend to do, it all goes to hell.

A back alley buggering here, an over excited exhibitionist there. It’s nothing Kari hasn’t seen or heard before as a 911 dispatcher. But something about the increasing frequency with which these events are occurring makes Kari wonder what might really be going on.

Before anyone can realize the danger, a pandemic of rapacious lunatics has taken over the city, leaving Kari in a fight for her survival and her sanity. Because the infected aren’t just at risk of losing their lives, but also their minds. Their very sense of self is on the line. As the surrounding population rapidly succumbs to the spreading virus, she teams up with the few other survivors she feels like she can trust.

The city has fallen into chaos, and they’ve been cut off from the outside world. No one knows if help is on the way, let alone if it exists at all. Cornered, and with limited survival skills, they must come up with a plan to reach a safe haven. Someplace to ride out the storm. But the infected aren’t the only problem, and the biggest threat of all is much closer than Kari realizes.

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