The Assembly of Thirteen : Omayra Vélez

The Assembly of Thirteen : Omayra Vélez

The Assembly of Thirteen : Omayra VélezThe Assembly of Thirteen: The First Two Companions

For hundreds of years, the Athany, once a peaceful race of giants, created to arbitrate Justice to the people of Quetza, has been cursed to obey the royal Falesto Emperor.

The new Emperor has been systematically committing genocide of all nonhuman races using the Athany as a murderous weapon.

A vow by an Elder from each race has started a chain of events meant to break the curse and start the Assembly of Thirteen to choose a new leader for Quetza.

The Assembly requires four Companions, eight Gift-Vessel magi’s, and a Priest—in a country without religions and all the Gift-Vessels ordered to serve the Emperor.

On earth is the future leader of the Assembly, June Dunbar, a hurt and broken woman living a lonely life in Livermore, California.

The second companion in the Assembly is a cursed and murderous Athany named Kara, who after hundreds of years as an assassin chooses to risk her life to painful death for a chance for life.

Two unlikely protectors of life who need to choose to live.

The two must fight Soldiers, Destroyers, and Demons that are in the way to find the Gift-Vessels, who must accept their roles in the Assembly of Thirteen.

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