Only Rock is Real : Sandra Miller

Only Rock is Real : Sandra Miller

Only Rock is Real : Sandra MillerOnly Rock is Real

Starting a new medical career at the Grand Canyon Clinic, Dr. Abby Wilmore hopes to regain her confidence after emotional struggles drove her away from her Phoenix, Arizona practice and her fiancé.

Now better, she tackles the medical challenges of an unusual rural location, with cases involving everything from squirrel bites and sexually transmitted diseases to suicides and bubonic plague.

Unbidden, she finds herself pursued by a persistent park ranger as she tries to get along with the physician in charge of the clinic, an aloof and skeptical man with hints of a tragic past.

Immersed in the stunning geology of the canyon, Abby re-awakens and tries to restore herself through her work and connections with the new people in her life.

Her path is complicated by her physician partner’s sudden illness, his revelations, and the threats from a violent former patient who returns for revenge.

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