The Apocalypse Within : Vincent Justino DiTizioImagine the discovery of an ancient Christian manuscript so powerful that just reading it gives you a vision leading to a life of total love.

The Revelation of John is such a book and there’s evidence of early Christians using it as a personal vision.

In my studies, I found that the Early Christians had a Jewish interpretation method called Midrash, meaning “search”. With this, you can use any scripture as a message about the self. You’ve probably seen this used in many sermons. Using this for the Revelation turns all the beasts and destruction into the things within us that keep us from God. These gradually fall away until we enter the City of God. A beautiful vision.

Learning to search the scriptures is a new life. This works well for an important psychological reason. Only part of your brain understands words, the rest responds to imagery and feeling. Words can only move you so much, but add imagery and there’s an explosion of understanding that’s indescribable.

But the imagery in the Revelation had specific meanings in Near Eastern culture not widely known now. This book was written to unlock those ancient meanings and allow you to experience the vision.

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The Apocalypse Within: The Inner Meaning of the Revelation : Vincent Justino DiTizio

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