The Angaran Chronicles: The Underside : BAD Agar


The Angaran Chronicles: The Underside : BAD Agar

The Angaran Chronicles: The Underside : BAD AgarCan one live up to their own expectations? Or are we all fated for hypocrisy?

The magically enhanced super-assassin, elf-Hunter Anargrin, and his team are the elite of the elite; black operatives sent on the most dangerous assignments to undermine the authoritarian theocratic regimes of the continent of Angara.

Anargrin believes the past should be remembered, never obsessed over. Still, when he and his band of misfits are sent to investigate a Hunter Coven that stopped all communication, soon, evidence indicates Anargrin’s old enemy’s involvement. An enemy that is responsible directly and indirectly for much of Anargrin’s traumatic past, evidence that reveals a conspiracy hidden within the slave trade.

A conspiracy that threatens to engulf the entire continent in blood.



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