Targets: Know your Goal : Marcus Toni Hilden


Targets: Know your Goal : Marcus Toni Hilden

Targets: Know Your Goal : Marcus Toni HildenTargets: Know your Goal tells the story of office rats ready to devour each other in a corporate dog eat dog world. And getting what you want doesn’t always mean playing by the rules. Or abiding by the law.

Kenneth finds himself in a cubicle landscape with slim chances of career progression. But he is not alone. His best friend Frank is also in a dead-end.

They decide to drown their sorrows in alcohol and a daunting confrontation takes place.

What happens next is more than Kenneth’s mind can comprehend. Frank is taking him on a ride, and Kenneth is a mere passenger, whether he likes it or not.

Marcus Toni Hilden is a Swedish born author living and working in Ireland.

In his debut thriller, he explores the length of the human viciousness in advancing towards a set goal resulting in a page-turning experience.

The Doorman: Nights in Corcaigh and Pike: Sweetwater Savages by Marcus Toni Hilden are also on Whizbuzz Books.

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